Oh, question one, about bear hunting. Here is the text of the question: “Do you want to ban the use of bait, dogs or traps in bear hunting except to protect property, public safety, or for research?” I am one of the undecided. I want and need to know more to make an informed decision. 

And according to what I was reading in the BDN, there are a few of us undecided around. They said nearly half, 49 %, of likely voters in the BDN/Ipsos poll said they intended to vote “No” on Question 1, while 43 % said they would support the ban and
7% said they didn’t know or refused to answer.

WCSH 6 and the Portland Press Herald were very helpful in putting together a debate on the issue.  Thank you very much.  Each side also has lots of info for you to consider. Save Maine’s Bear Hunt and Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting each have their websites with information as well.  The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife  has also posted information about their feeling on this question on Nov 4th.

Check out this list of what we are voting on with the general election and bond questions.  Of course you need to be a registered voter, so here is that information as well.