Cimorelli are getting ready to release their new video for 'Made in America,' off the girls' brand-new EP of the same name. The sextet of sisters recently gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at their upcoming clip, which celebrates summertime in the States.

Director Erik White gave some insight into his vision for Cimorelli's 'Made in America' video, saying, "The concept of the video is ... capturing these superstar performers together. They're a family, they're a group, they're best friends -- I just wanted the world to see how great they are together."

The bubbly sisters are living it up at a barbecue in the clip, having water gun fights and taking on some male guests in a tug-of-war challenge. They all look fabulous in their summery party outfits, and you can just feel the positive energy and love flowing between the Cimorelli sisters. Christina, who shows off some serious trampoline skills, also talks American pride, and the girls give a nod to the troops as a soldier visits their house for their sunny backyard bash.

Stay tuned for the full 'Made in America' video, which is set to drop on Wednesday, June 26.