There is a movement underway across America to make May 25th (tomorrow) Covid Remembrance Day. The initiative was presented to most every radio station in the country, suggesting we all get together and ‘do something’ to help get the spread of Covid 19 behind us once and for all. Obviously a wonderful idea that all citizens can get behind.  The sooner this is all over, the better.

Today in Maine, the mask mandate requiring us to wear them in public has been dropped. Stores and other businesses may still require masks. And since there is no way to differentiate between those Mainers and summer folks that have and have not been vaccinated, it applies to all.

Let’s hope common sense still prevails.  And people who are not feeling well stay home  We all still practice social distancing with people we don’t know. And keep washing our hands. Allow me to add, may the people who find it necessary to ‘call out’ someone wearing a mask saying ‘they don’t need to do that anymore’, refrain from vocalizing it. Those who still want to wear a mask don’t need to be judged for it. Let ‘em be.

I’m all for a Covid Remembrance Day.  Not sure why May 25th was the date selected. But any way we can stop for a second and think first of the 2 million people world wide who have died is good.  Anytime we can acknowledge the healthcare workers and other front line heroes who have been pushed to the limit daily for the past 15 months, is good.

What to do? Do we have a moment of silence. Do we play a certain song. Light candles. How about this year, we just keep doing all we can to move forward and get Covid behind us. Take a pause today to figure out how to be kinder to each other, and let us all keep hoping for a better tomorrow.

And for those who have to ‘call out’ others who are still wearing a mask, the recommendation is still in place that non-vaccinated people wear face coverings, it's just not mandated.

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