As most of you already know, our family is addicted to camping. Which, in the grand scheme of things, is a pretty safe addiction to have, all things considered.

This past weekend was our very first trip with our new son Dawson. Dawson was born at Maine General Medical Center on June, 30th via scheduled C-section. So, to say that his first trip was when he was only days old would be super accurate. Typically, you can find us with our camping crew at Beaver Brook in Monmouth, though this weekend we decided to change it up and head the the coast at Lake Pemaquid Campground in Damariscotta.

Aside from a little rain on our first night there (Friday), it was an amazing long weekend. And, who am I kidding? The overnight rain pattering off the roof of our camper was soothing and peaceful.

It has been years since I have been to Lake Pemaquid Campground, so I was super-thrilled to get back there over the weekend. My wife, who lost her dad in 2006, also has fond memories of camping as a family at Lake Pemaquid 'back in the day'. It was nice to walk around the grounds and watch her point at different sites and tell me about a time she stayed at the particular one with her family.

Now, mind you, it wasn't JUST the newborn that we brought along for this trip. We also brought the 11-year-old (Evan) and the 2.5-year-old (Gavin). I've never had so many Pack and Plays in the camper in my life. Well, I mean, Evan doesn't sleep in a Pack and Play, but the other two goblins do.

Check out some pictures, mostly of Dawson, of his very first trip glamping with the crew!

James Family Lake Pemaquid 2020

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