Pet Paradise Resort, a Florida, based pet boarding company asked their customers for New Year’s Resolutions that will make their dogs happy. Here are a few of the responses. How would you answer?

  • 1. I promise never to leave you alone overnight.
  • 2. I will not rush you to do your duty. No one puts a timer on me.
  • 3. I won’t yell when you hide under the bed because you know we’re going to the vet.
  • 4. I promise to give you more “sniffing time” with that beautiful Lab down the block.
  • 5. Yes, you can get into bed with me. Just give me a little more room.
  • 6. I will never again complain about hair on the sofa, pillows or my only Chanel suit.
  • 7. I will not put you out because your wet nose scores a bullseye on our guest’s silk dress.
  • 8. We’ll play more fetch the ball. Just give me more time; I get winded quickly.
  • 9. At dinner parties, I will never again falsely accuse you of producing strange odors.
  • 10. I will continue to sneak dinner table goodies to you – just keep it quiet.
  • 11. I will lose five pounds if you will. Okay, three pounds.
  • 12. I never say it enough. I love you unconditionally, something I learned from you.

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