Eminem's new year is off to a dismal start after being notified that his sister-in-law, Dawn Scott, passed away from an apparent heroin overdose.

According to RadarOnline.com, the rapper is "in shock" after learning of Scott's death. She was found dead in a modest mobile home at the Motor City Trailer Park in Warren, Mich. on Tuesday (Jan. 19). Scott, 40, was homeless at the time of her death and estranged from her family. She is the twin sister of Eminem's ex-wife, Kim Mathers.

The trailer Scott died in was located just miles from where she, Mathers and Eminem grew up during the rapper's own humble beginnings.

Apparently Scott had revealed her struggle to overcome her addiction to family members as recently as four months ago, but her cries for help allegedly fell on death ears. Les Martin, a man Scott lived with on and off for four years, revealed exactly the kind of drug cocktail she would consume. "'Heroin, cocaine, Adderall. If it was a pill, she would take it," he told Radar Online. Prior to her death, Scott claimed that Eminem and Mathers offered her no help in her attempt to become sober.

When they were 15, Scott and Mathers moved in with Eminem after running away from home -- all this before his rise to fame as a rapper. Mathers and Eminem would go on to get married and adopt Scott's daughter, Alaina. They raised her as their own child as well as a sister to their biological daughter, Hailie. Scott was deemed unfit to raise a child due to her drug addiction.

Eminem and Mathers' relationship has been tumultuous, to say the least, over the years. The MC infamously used her as a muse for his violently gruesome rap tales. Songs like "Kim" and "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" showcased his disdain for her. The couple would eventually call it quits and finalize their divorce in October of 2001, roughly half a year before the release of his fourth studio album, The Eminem Show.

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