It's hard to watch the red-band trailer for the upcoming remake of 'The Evil Dead' (which has lost the "the" and become 'Evil Dead' for whatever reason) and think that it's even possible to cut an "approved for all audiences" version. But here we are. They've done it. The official, MPAA approved trailer has arrived to convince pre-teens the world over that this is something they need to see.

For the bulk of its two minutes, the trailer is beat-for-beat the same as the red band...until the last thirty seconds, where all of those ridiculously violent moments have been replaced with alternate footage. Still, the "cleaned up" trailer conveys plenty of menace and the shot of the possessed girl peeking out from under the cellar door is creepier than any of the gore effects we've seen so far. Are we saying that this tamer version of the trailer has us just as excited for the finished film as the previous one? Yes. Yes we are!

Also, this trailer is a nice gift for the spoilerphobe in your life. This way, you can watch the preview for the film without having some of the more gruesome moments spoiled for you. Everyone wins!

'Evil Dead' opens on April 12th.

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