Now's your chance to immerse yourself in the world of Friends. Invite your besties at Friendsgiving and make the trip to Boston for the Friends Boston Pop-Up. The event is going on November 21st through January 5th.

This Pop-Up will allow the biggest Friends Fans the opportunity to hang out at Central Perk and see Joey & Chandler's apartment. (No word yet if this will include actual recliners or a canoe. Also not sure about the duck and the chicken.)

In addition to the set recreations, there will be original props from the show. Personally, I'd love to see the door in Monica's apartment, the ugly dog statue, the iconic couches (from the intro/Central Perk and the "PIVOT!" couch), or Phoebe's guitar.

The Pop-Ups have been going on for a while now and after a little hashtag snooping (#friendspopup) on Instagram, here's what you can likely expect:

1. Costumes

"Could I be wearing any more clothes?!" Who doesn't want to embrace their inner Joey embracing their inner Chandler?

2. A Perfectly Imperfect "I love you" Moment

One of the most touching moments in the series, tbh.

3. An Unforgettable Experience

This truly is a can't miss experience for any Friends fan.

Tickets are on sale now and start at $29.50 + fees. They will have special holiday events for Thanksgiving and New Years at an additional cost. The Thanksgiving event notes that you'll get "a special Thanksgiving-themed meal item to-go at the end of the experience."

Um...CAN YOU SAY MOIST-MAKER?! (I can't confirm this Thanksgiving leftover delicacy but CAN YOU IMAGINE?!)

So grab your lobster and get all the details and the tickets here.

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