I spend a fair amount of time at the China Dine-ah and it seems whenever I'm there at the same time Lisa Wardwell, the owner, is, she doesn't have time to talk because she's bussing tables, serving orders, greeting customers or cleaning tables. She's has the same philosophy as former owner, Norm Elvin, has. When something needs to be done, if you're there and the crew is busy, you do it.

Lisa does the same thing at her other businesses: Lisa's Restaurant and Lisa's Catering.

It's almost as though she can be everywhere at once sometimes. One day, I stopped into Lisa's for lunch after work and saw her then, later when I went to the Dine-ah, guess who was bussing tables. Yup, Lisa.

Goggins IGA in Randolph was the same. Father and son, Norm and Ron, would always be working somewhere in the store stocking shelves or pricing items, even after their big store opened. Now, Jack Goggin runs it and he's always there working, as they say, in the trenches.

I also know owners who have literally TOLD me, "I'm an owner...I don't do the work, I have people for that."

I submit to you, if you're an owner, the staff and the public will have a much higher level of respect for you.

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