Tonight wasn't exactly the most enjoyable. This evening I was making draw slips for tomorrow's live broadcast using one of those tabletop paper cutters. You know the kind, it has a flat surface and the arm with the blade, well, let's just say in a fight between the blade and my thumb the blade won.

I didn't know what happened until I saw blood. I quickly went to the bathroom and for some paper towels and pressed on the cut, but it wouldn't stop bleeding. After about fifteen minutes I called Amber, our office manager, and she encouraged me to get it checked.

I went to Maine General Express Care, Rt 27 Augusta, holding my thumb while driving. Just as I got off 95, I ran over something that fell off a guy's truck in front of me.

Once at the clinic, I parked the car and heard a hissing sound coming from my tire. Knowing that I would have a flat as I headed into the clinic was very frustrating. The whole time my thumb was getting looked at my mind was thinking about how I was going to get back to the station.

To make a fairly long story short, I received three stitches. The suturing wasn't that bad. The worst part was the lidocaine injections to numb the area in order to do the stitches. I also got a Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis shot. All in all, I was at the clinic for about an hour. I got a goody bag with gauze and some other stuff and was told to come back in 10 days to have the stitches removed.

As expected, when I left, my tire was flat. I called for roadside assistance and they got my doughnut on (Hey, it was National Doughnut Day!) and after another hour I was headed back to the station to wrap up my day.

I do want to thank my co-worker Andy for keeping me company while I waited for the guy to come and change my tire.

Not fun, but it made for a good web post.