It dawned on me during my drive home from work that we have been living in our new house now for six months today. We closed on June 29, 2012. There are only 54 low monthly payments left and the house will be mine in 2042. Have we settled in? For the exception of a few boxes of odds and ends we're moved in.

Living room (left)

There are a few things you don't know or think about until after you sign the mountain of paperwork; property tax adjustments for one. I'm not going to complain about property tax because the last time I did, someone told me with our three kids we're getting a bargain compared to the person with no children and the privilege of taking garbage to the dump. Aside from the normal struggles, I'm still glad we made the jump to home ownership.

I have read that the housing market is starting to rise and that makes me happy too. Back in May of this year we locked in paying 3.78% fixed interest, which seems pretty good to me. We probably paid market value fot the house and property, but the seller paid all but $400 of closing costs and did a few upgrades for our condition of sale, including a new circuit breaker box and hooked the house onto the city sewer system from septic.

Hard to believe I'll be 70 when this place is paid off but who knows what the future holds.