Despite Halsey insisting she and John Mayer are not a couple, the singer-songwriter has been flirting hardcore, causing fans to raise eyebrows.

During Mayer's Instagram Live show "Current Mood" on Sunday (December 2) the two settled their relationship status once and for all.

After introducing the 24-year-old as an “unbelievable artist” and “dear friend of mine,” and snacking on Mallomars, the guitar virtuoso got straight to the point and asked the singer how she felt about “addressing the elephant in the room.”

“I feel it’s probably about that time to set it straight,” she replied.

They then played a rousing game of "Are They Dating" — cue cards and all.

After a drum roll, both of the pop stars held up cards that said "No."

But there was a bonus question: "Why wouldn't we date?"

Mayer went first, holding up cards that said:  “The fact that we’re both alpha types, while not prohibitive, would make a romantic relationship difficult, especially when compounded by the fact we’re both highly driven and creative artists who value our independence.”

After revealing that she had the exact same answer, Halsey quipped: “You know, for being my not-boyfriend you really do know me so well.”

Watch the full episode of "Current Mood" (the dating segment starts at the 16:00 mark), and check out some photos from the shoot below.


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