Ethan and Emily Bessey are the most wonderful, most humble, most thankful people you'll ever meet. Thankful for their friends and community. Thankful for each other and their little girl, Daisy. They are also thankful for having had little Ezra in their lives. Though he was but an infant when he left this world due to Spinal Muscular Atrophy, he had the power to move a community. His family's love for him was redirected in a way that can benefit children in the future and, in refocusing their purpose, have captured the hearts of everyone who meets them...

The Hearts for Ezra Fundraiser, starring Dana Perkins, a ventriloquist and magician and the incomparable Rick Charette, raised more than $15, 000 to go toward research for a cure. Given that 1 in 40 of us carries the gene for this disease, finding a way to prevent or cure it is of the utmost importance.

Warning...get a tissue. You will be moved by this video.

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