Well, this is turning out to be a pretty good week for Lana Del Rey fans. First, she drops the official single release of her 'Great Gatsby' soundtrack contribution, 'Young and Beautiful,' and now someone's gone and leaked one of her unreleased recordings.

The leaked track, 'St. Tropez' (also known as 'Party Girl'), has been waiting in the vaults since 2010, when Del Rey recorded it with producers Anu Pillai and Roy Kerr. A stridently uptempo dance number, 'Tropez' finds her dissing a would-be suitor ("I'm just a party girl / Trying to get my drinks / For free, from you") while playing up the potency of her feminine wiles ("Came tonight to put my work on display / Bringing New York down to St. Tropez").

It shows off an altogether more forceful side of Del Rey's musical personality than the orchestra-assisted one she's been focusing on lately. Given the song's vintage, it seems possible that 'St. Tropez' represents a sound she's placed completely in her past -- especially since she recently insisted that her upcoming third studio album will find her in "a more spiritual place lyrically."

With her recent focus on covering tunes from respected songwriters like Leonard Cohen and Lee Hazlewood, Lana the 'Party Girl' might be a thing of the past -- but we'll always have 'St. Tropez.'

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