It was a happy ending to the search for a missing teenager on Sugarloaf this week. Maine wardens say a 17-year-old skier who was found alive and well at Maine's Sugarloaf ski resort survived two nights in the wild by building a snow cave for shelter while walking toward the sound of snowmobiles during the day. Clever kid.
A snowmobiler found Nicholas Joy, of Medford, Mass., Tuesday March 5 on a snowmobile trail. Nick was taken to a hospital for evaluation. He was reported missing Sunday afternoon after he and his father took separate trails from the top and he did not show up at the bottom.

The kid is smart and clearly kept his wits about him. He built a snow cave to be out of the elements. He was near a stream so he had water and he listened for the sound of snowmobile engines and ended up finding some snow shoe tracks that helped to bring him to where he was found.  Nick was cold and tired, but doing better than one might expect after being out in the elements like that for so long.