Singer Ne-Yo has come to the defense of troubled R&B star Chris Brown, who is currently serving jail time after getting kicked out of rehab last month.

TMZ recently questioned Ne-Yo about Brown's latest troubles and Ne-Yo responded saying he thought Brown was being treated unfairly by the justice system. "They like to make an example of celebrities, that's how it is," Ne-Yo said. "Regardless of who he is, they're making an example of him. It's not right. It is what it is."

"Chris is gonna be alright," he later added. "He's gonna be alright."

Brown was originally sentenced to rehab following the Rihanna case and was later ordered back after he reportedly attacked a photographer in Washington D.C. last October. Brown had been at the treatment facility for four months when he was kicked out in mid-March for violating "internal rules." The cause of dismissal has not been revealed, although sources say it did not have to do with violence or drugs.

Ne-Yo's comments come as Brown was flown to a Virginia jail and sentenced stay there until April 23, in which he will then appear in court to stand trial for the D.C. attack.

What do you think, Breezy fans? Is Ne-Yo right? Is Chris Brown being unfairly treated because he's a celebrity?