Ne-Yo, who is currently enjoying major radio success with his dance hit 'Let Me Love You,' isn't afraid to share which songwriter he is most enamored with from a professional standpoint. He was proud to point out that he has been a fan of Australian singer-songwriter Sia from the get-go, before she got "big."

You may not be instantly familiar with Sia's name or face. But you may have seen her on Season 1 of 'The Voice' as a mentor or heard her song 'Titanium' with David Guetta. Sia actually co-wrote 'Let Me Love You,' which is rare, since Ne-Yo doesn't often do co-writes. She also penned 'Diamonds by Rihanna. She sings on Flo Rida's 'Wild Ones.' So yeah, you've heard of Sia. You just might not have known it.

"For me personally, I've been a fan of Sia for a long time," he told MTV News. "From Zero 7 to 'Some People Have Real Problems,' these are her albums and people that she worked with before she got popular, so to speak."

He continued the Sia Gush Fest, saying, "She's been incredible for a long time. Her mastery of melody, from just the way that she works, her words and phrases, it's been incredible. And people are just now catching on! Y'all are late; everybody's late. It's been that way."

Ne-Yo usually don't seek assistance when writing tracks, but he was happy to include Sia in the process for 'Let Me Love You.'

"'Let Me Love You' is that song means a lot to me. That's one of the very few co-writes I've ever done," he explained. "It was an opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone for a minute and just really try something new in regards to working with other writers. Shout out to Sia who also had an incredible 2012."

But back to Ne-Yo. The reason he, well, loves 'Let Me Love You?'

"The song is about the importance of loving yourself, which I felt was something that's few and far between these days, with everyone getting plastic surgery this and cosmetic surgery that and just not understanding that you being who you are is your perfection," he said. "Everybody's searching for this unreal perfection, and it's kind of sad, so I feel like the song came along absolutely at the right time."