I was up late last night.  I wanted to watch 60 Minutes. The whole show was with Mark Owen, that's name used by this former member of SEAL Team 6.  SEAL Team 6 is the team that went in and carried out the raid on Osama bin Laden.  See why I stayed up? Interesting stuff. I mean these guys are the best of the best. It was a very interesting interview. But, there was something about the interview that did not sit right with me. 


60 Minutes talked about how they changed his voice and appearance for the interview. Well, they did an amazing job because it was un-noticeable. The voice did sound a little modified.  However, there was nothing about this man that struck me as military. Maybe that is part of the training at that level, so they are less obvious.  He was clearly a team player and the book tells the story of how teams of people have been working on this mission for years. He was an interesting interview. I don't think this guy is a SEAL. I think the government is behind this book. What do you think, is this guy really a member of SEAL Team 6?