Paris Hilton has long promised to release a follow-up to her self-titled debut disc, which dropped way back in 2006. We don't have album news yet, but we do finally have a title and release date for its lead single.

The track, her first official release since signing with Cash Money in May, features rapper Lil Wayne. Another Paris-Weezy collabo, 'Last Night,' dropped late last year. Hilton's debut single, 'Stars Are Blind,' topped the charts seven years ago.

After tweeting out the new single news to her 11 million followers, the heiress posted a batch of behind-the-scenes pics from the 'Good Time' video shoot on Instagram:

Hilton is dressed for success ... of course she is.

No one is going to look at your face in this outfit, Paris.

Shopping for the perfect accessory to a high-cut onesie.

Hilton shows off her 'Good Time' hair, makeup and attitude.

The clip could also double as a lip-gloss commercial.