I was in the craft store over the weekend and I ran into a friend who was buying a BUNCH of pink yarn.  She told me she was making pink hats for the Women’s March on Washington 2017 on Saturday January 21, 2017 .  I wanted to know more…and thanks to Google I found out lots more…OMG you have to check this! 

It is called the PussyHat Project.  AND they are CUTE!!!
The have little pussy cat ears!

PussyHat Project even has directions how to knit one!

Why pink?  Pink is regarded as a feminine color.

Why pussycat? WELL…the first half of that has a slang meaning and by using the word there the effort to reclaim the word for female empowerment.

If you check out The PussyHat Project website you can read more about the meaning and symbolism of the each hat.

Can’t make the Women’s March on Washington 2017…there is one going march in Augusta as well!!!

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