Happy Memorial Day Weekend, PopCrushers! This weekend marks the unofficial kickoff of summer, and we have the perfect mix for you to jam out to, whether you're grillin' at a BBQ or soaking up those rays by the pool. PopCrush Mini-Mix 10 features remixes from artists like Kesha, Calvin Harris, Bastille and more -- and you know we're here to set your summer off right!

It's only fitting that the mix kicks off with Calvin Harris' 'Summer,' since it is the first weekend of the season and all. And as the tune plays over a hyped-up, electronic beat, this remixed version loops the lyric "summer" over and over, almost to remind us that warm weather, lazy days and decked out nights are upon us.

The mix then transitions into Avicii's 'Hey Brother,' which is when the PopCrush Mini-Mix really kicks into high gear, with an intense build up of electric piano beats battling against Martin Garrix's party anthem, 'Put Your Hands Up,' until it fades into Naughty Boy's ever-addictive 'La La La' featuring Sam Smith. While the track isn't typically a club tune, when the right beats are incorporated into the song, you can't imagine not dancing to it. This is one jam we will definitely have on repeat this summer.

And no party is complete without Kesha's 'Die Young,' which has been outfitted with a series of handclaps that just make you want to follow suit, putting those hands in the air and clapping them loudly. This is totally the part of the mix that you'd put on at sunset, as the day fades into dusk and the night is really getting started. The song then stretches into a reworked version of Bastille's 'Pompeii.' While the remix offers plenty of club-like beats on this tune, it also switches up the pace, slowing down and softening the background music to really put a lot of emphasis on the melody and frontman Dan Smith's impressive vocals.

Check out the tracklist below, and listen to PopCrush Mini-Mix 10 above.

Calvin Harris, 'Summer'
Avicii vs. Martin Garrix, 'Hey Brother'
Naughty Boy, 'La La La'
Kesha, 'Die Young'
Bastille, 'Pompeii'