Spirit Medium, Maureen Hancock, has joined the Moose Morning Show the past few weeks and she has made an amazing impact by connecting with listeners. This morning (Aug. 7) she did it again, talking with 3 different Moose Morning Show callers.

The problem? We only have so much time. I wish we could take more calls. One solution: bring Maureen to you. Well, that's what we have been able to pull off. Get ready for a special live appearance.

Townsquare Media Live Events is proud to present: 'Maureen Hancock, the Medium Next Door, LIVE!' The show will be Saturday, September 21st, 7pm at the Waterville Opera House. Tickets go on sale for our ‘Moose Valuable Listeners’ Wednesday, August 14th. Tickets are $45, VIP - $25 General Admission. VIP tickets include a book and meet and greet with Maureen herself, as well as seating in the front section of seats.

If you're not yet a 'Moose Valuable Listener,' it's really easy to sign up and you will become eligible for some great benefits.

The on sale date for everyone else is Friday, August 16th. Prices then will be $49, VIP - $30 General Admission.

Click here to access the presale. (Note: You'll need a special code that was released to Moose Valuable Listener Club members in the station's newsletter-check your email!)

Maureen Hancock on the Moose Morning Show