I know what you're thinking. Actually, I don't.. I'm not a psychic. But I know what I'M thinking- WOWZA!

In case you're not sure who she even is (how is that possible), Earhart was the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She set many other records during her time, too. Sadly, she would go missing during an attempt to circumnavigate the globe. She went down in her Lockheed Electra on June 2nd, 1937. But where? Well, no one knows exactly. Searched for her, her navigator and her plane turned up empty.

Now to the bones. The bones we're talking about today were found an awfully long time ago on Nikumaroro, a remote island in the Pacific Ocean- the same ocean Amelia crashed over in 1937. The bones were found in 1940, just three years later.

According to WMTW, it wasn't until a 2018 study that researchers began to think these bones might be those of the late pilot. A forensic anthropologist from South Florida University is setting out to prove just that. He has sent out DNA samples for testing and waiting to get the results back.

" Whether or not the bones are positively identified as Earhart's, Kimmerle sees this as an exciting opportunity to focus on the legendary woman's life, rather than the story of her death.

"I think a lot of the focus is always on the mystery," she told CNN. "And, certainly, we always want to solve that and find out what happened. But whether this is her or not, [the real value] in a historic case like this that gets so much attention is really looking at that person's life and what they achieved." "


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