This isn’t a problem I thought we had. I’m assuming it’s not baby wipes used when changing diapers. Just because of the how I would imagine most parents would change their babies.

This totally surprises me to read the number of wipes that go through the sewer system. 30-50 wipes come through the Westbrook pumping station every hour. This leads to replacing screens and clogging and costs money.

If it’s happening in Westbrook I imagine it’s going on everywhere. A new campaign aimed at creating awareness and helping with eliminating Maine’s clogs in the sewer pipes it set to begin tomorrow. The name of the campaign, "Save your pipes. Don't flush baby wipes."

The eight week drive will cost just over $100,000 which will include TV commercials and signs at the grocery stores.

Some other things you should refrain from flushing, tampons and pads, condoms, medications, cigarette butts, left over grease from cooked meat and diapers.