So, there's this.

Posted by Sean Hayes on Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sean Hayes channeling Iggy Azalea might be the funniest thing ... ever. The Will and Grace actor and his husband Scott Icenogle shared a video of themselves lip-syncing to Iggy and Jennifer Hudson's "Trouble" and it is everything.

"I shoulda known you were bad news / From the bad boy demeanor and the tattoos / Cause most guys only want one thing / But I'm undecided, tryna figure out if that's you," Sean raps confidently, keeping a straight face almost the entire time. (He made an exception to throw out a suave wink at the end of his verse. Acceptable.)

Scott is just as hilarious, casually "belting" out Jennifer's hook: "Don’t you come here thinking you’re ballin' / Ain't down for it / You seem like trouble to me."

Clearly, the duo couldn't contain their awesomeness, as Sean eventually begins to head-bang to the track. The only problem we have with this baller video is that there's nothing "Trouble"-ing about it! Sean and Scott are hilarious as they channel Iggy and J. Hud. While the two singers have yet to comment on the lip syncing video, we're willing to bet that they're just as amused as we are.

It's been an exciting year for Sean and Scott. The pair announced their engagement in October 2014 and tied the knot one month later. (You can peep the sweet announcement over on Facebook!)

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