Maybe you're already tired of "Despacito," or maybe you're mad that Justin Bieber took credit for the song's rocket to fame and then forgot his own lyrics or maybe you've somehow never heard the song because you don't own a radio or go out in public ever. None of that matters, because the only song that matters now is the Sesame Street cover of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's number-one hit.

Bert and Ernie, along with some help from their friend, sing in both English and Spanish in an ode to Ernie's lifelong bestie, rubber ducky. "El Patito," which is the Spanish translation for rubber ducky, is easily the best banger of any generation. This isn't blind excitement — the video already has more than a million views on YouTube.

We can all now rest easy knowing that the lifeblood of music is safe in the hands of Sesame Street and the legacy of "Despacito" will outlast anyone who has the gall to make a "blah blah" cover.

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