Since The Walking Dead just ended its fifth season and it’s still one of the biggest shows in the history of television, it makes sense that SNL would pause to talk about it. After all, what good is the “Weekend Update” segment if the anchors don’t occasionally stop to talk about what’s big in popular culture? And what good is SNL if it can’t get one of the most popular actors from The Walking Dead to stop by for a minute-long cameo?

Yes, Norman Reedus popped up on SNL last night as the crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon.

His appearance was preceded by a bit from Pete Davidson, SNL’s resident “young guy,” who was brought on to talk about the season finale of The Walking Dead and ended up only talking about how much he likes getting stoned and how his pot-smoking ways will surely get him killed in the zombie apocalypse. Right on cue, Reedus/Daryl arrives and fires a crossbow bolt into his chest. In the awkward conversation that ensues, Reedus insists that he thought the stoned Davidson was a walking corpse and Davidson says that the pot in his system is strong enough that he feels perfectly fine.

And then, just like that, Reedus exits the show with Davidson to go find his marijuana stash. If Reedus is willing to stop by for such a quick bit, how long until we see him actually get a chance to host an episode?