Bruno Mars continues to garner support from several musicians in the ongoing debate on whether his music is cultural appropriation. Recently, music icon Stevie Wonder chimed in with his thoughts on the conversation.

TMZ caught up with the veteran piano man and asked him if he thinks Mars is a cultural appropriator. In his response, Wonder praised the 24K Magic artist and believes that his music shouldn't be inclusive to one group of people.

"God created music for everyone to enjoy and we can't limited ourselves by people's fears and insecurities," he said. "He's a great talent. So that other stuff is just bullshhhh (bullshit)."

"He was inspired by great musicians and great artists, songwriters, so that's good," he added.

When the cameraman asked him if that gives Mars "a pass," alluding to the singer being half Puerto Rican and half Jewish, Wonder answered back, "It's not about a pass, God created music for everybody."

Wonder's comments follows several other artists who have defended Mars and his music. Producer 9th Wonder questioned the outrage and explained the difference between influence and appropriation.

Gap Band founder Charlie Wilson saluted Mars for bringing back the New Jack Swing sound that he feels was "left for dead years ago." "Bruno’s songs on this album are original and no different than any other artist pulling from genres before him,” he said.

Finally, Teddy Riley saluted Mars for paying homage to him and other musicians such as Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Babyface.

"It's a known fact that God blesses us to bless others, and then sometimes, you get the blessing. But, I'm more of a giver, I like to give," he said. "So, him giving....sometimes we don't understand receiving a gift. But, the most incredible gift to be given, for me, is someone paying homage. So, I feel wonderful about it."

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