Did you ever — even in your wildest dreams — imagine you'd have the best of Taylor Swift at your fingertips? The "Gorgeous" singer's new app is bringing you there...are you ready for it?

Released Wednesday (December 13) by Glu Games Inc, Taylor Swift: The Swift Life offers exclusive photos, videos, news and "and an experience you won’t get anywhere else!" Plus, it affords fans and users the opportunity to connect with Swift directly, and the more "picks" (like guitar picks) they buy, the more chances they'll have to connect with the star.

In other words: It's a Swift-centric social media site.

Still, some see the social currency dynamic as problematic:

Musically examined the point in a deeper-dive, adding there's a danger in encouraging young users to fork over cash for only a chance to meet their idols. "There’s a big risk in taking the ‘notice me!’ culture into something that could be seen as ‘pay me and I’m more likely to notice you,'" a story considers.

Refinery 29on the other hand, reports that the app is still mostly a positive space, and that beyond feeling pressure to compete for Swift's attention, users share updates about their own lives, encourage each other and document progress in school and at home.

Read some tweet-reactions to the app below, and download it here...if you dare.

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