I had finished mowing, weed whacking, pool sweeping and cleaning up and decided to take a ride.  I grabbed a bag of chips and a soda and drove to a nearby pit in the woods.  I knew there was a pond there.  I drove up to it and sat, looking out over the water....

I'm not sure if it's the sparkle, the shimmer or what. There's just something about looking over a body of water that makes people lose themselves in the moment and either drift back and recall the past or maybe even fantasize about the future. For me, yesterday, it was thinking about the past. It was what I think of as a melancholy moment.

I regularly see people sitting in vehicles facing China Lake in the evening from the boat landing parking lot or the nearby church. Usually they're alone and sometimes with another person. Just looking out. I wonder what they're thinking about. Would it be forward of me to knock on the window and ask? I guess it would, huh?

Oh, another thing I thought about briefly while looking across this "pit pond" and seeing the road continue on the other side was, "I wonder if I could make it across in 4 wheel drive?" I thought about it. I didn't try it. I might have, but it would have ruined an, otherwise, nice moment.