We're honored that the Moose Morning Show is the radio show that Peter Geiger from the Farmers' Almanac looks forward to all year long. It's the the show that, for many years, he's used to get the word out about the latest edition of his beloved almanac. It's also the morning he tells the world his secret pass code, which holds magic for anyone who loves candy!

Peter, who loves Halloween, will give trick-or-treaters who come to his 16 Brentwood Avenue, Lewiston home, a king size candy bar. IF the trick or treater knows the secret pass code, they'll get three! And this has become so popular that, this year, he has hired two off-duty police officers to make sure things don't get out of hand.

Not only will he have king size candy (4, 000 of 'em) but he'll also have his home open as a haunted house. Mind you, this is all free. He just loves doing it!

Not only will we give the secret pass code (several times between 6:30 and 9) but we'll also talk about things from the almanac (like this winter's weather outlook). Top that off with lots of games and Farmers' Almanac oriented prizes and a fun morning is assured!

It's gonna be spoooooooooookeeeeeeeeeeee!