Did I see a UFO over Augusta last night? Many people called the police thinking they did. Did you see the light in the Augusta sky?

Last night at about 8:15 as I left the station and turned left on to Western Avenue something caught my eye in the sky. It was a light doing circles in the clouds. I actually stopped in the V.I.P Auto Parts parking lot to try and get a better look. I assumed it was a light from the airport just a few blocks to the west of where I was sitting. Over the years, I hadn’t seen a light like that coming from the airport but tossed the idea of a UFO aside think it was an airport light.

I continued driving towards Manchester on Western Ave., as I passed the airport the light was still circling what I thought might have been a ship in the Augusta sky. I was getting excited to a degree wondering if this was this an alien craft.

For about three or four blocks I'm looking at the sky thankfully keeping one eye on the road and keep seeing what looks to be a rotating light in the clouds. I’m now at the traffic light with the 95 on-ramp and Turnpike Mall and the light is getting brighter. As I go through after the light turns green I see what it is, one of those lights that Hollywood uses for movie premieres like in the 20th Century Fox logo. No UFO, it was just Margarita's celebrating their re-opening.

I was bummed. No aliens, no abductions no excuses to miss work. Oh well some day I’m going to meet E.T.

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