Surprisingly, not everyone was into Taylor Swift's headbanging performance of 'All Too Well' at the 2014 Grammy Awards. In fact, rapper Wiz Khalifa even fell asleep during the song, he admitted today, Jan. 27. Yikes!

During an appearance on E!'s 'Fashion Police,' host Joan Rivers complimented the rapper on his high-end watch and set him up for the serious T. Swift dis.

"I loved that you had the good watch on, which is the detail," she said, before throwing her own shade at Swift: "How many times did you check that watch during Taylor Swift's endless ballad?"

While Khalifa's wife, Amber Rose. didn't take the bait -- instead saying that the two loved the singer -- Khalifa called it like it was.

"I love Taylor, but I'm not even gonna lie, I fell asleep," he admitted. "Just a little bit…then I woke back up."

Was Khalifa intentionally dissing T. Swift (whom he has been friendly with in the past), or was he just so exhausted he couldn't resist catching some zzz's? The world may never know.

While the rapper may have been underwhelmed by Swift's performance, we thought she rocked it.