The new school year is about to begin! For some it's very exciting time, but one in four Maine children is struggling with hunger. The Locker Project wants to change that...

Another school year! New backpacks and school clothes! But in Maine, 60,000 Maine schoolchildren can't rely on regular meals at home, and often go hungry.

Maine has the highest rate of childhood food-insecurity in New England, and the Locker Project is working to combat this by helping to ensure food security for all Maine children through local schools.

The Locker Project works with schools to create programs that provide students with healthy class-time snacks and take-home food for the times they are most likely to experience hunger.

In just two years, they've have gone from supporting one school to supporting 14, with more schools asking to be added. The need is staggering, and only growing.

You can help. Your donation will help The Locker Project make sure our school pantries are stocked at the start of the school year, and stay stocked throughout.

Here's to kids eager to learn who aren't distracted by hunger...