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Have You Ever Noticed This?
The front of the old Cony High School that faces the rotary significantly resembles the front of the Titanic.
Keri James Baby Shower Photos
Sunday, January 7th 2018, we (sort of) surprised my wife Keri with her baby shower. I say sort of because with only about 3 weeks left until the due date she has a pretty good idea that it was coming. The shower, not the baby... well both I guess...
She Came w/ Gifts!
It's not everyday that someone brings presents to the Moose Morning Show
Mainer Matt Decorates
The 92 Moose Christmas tree gets transformed in a way that only Mainer Matt could do it.
Tree Habits?
I wanted to know if, like me, you leave your tree plugged in 24/7. We certainly do.. for several reasons