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Live TV Interviews Gone Wrong
Ya know, sometimes working on live TV can cause things to come across that maybe they wouldn't otherwise have wanted to air!
Funtown Fun!
We had so much fun on our mini-vacation this week! Yesterday (7-8-18) we wrapped up the weekend at Funtown/Splashtown with our friends Joey + Monique and all our kiddos.
Can I Pet Your ***ties?
If he were 20 years older and going door to door asking this, I imagine the end result would be a bit more serious.
Big Splash 2018 WINNER!
Congratulations to Sandra Frith of Embden on her brand new 18' above ground that she won Saturday (6-23-18) at Levesque Pools!
Hey Pool Qualifiers! The Big Splash Giveaway is Saturday! (6-23-1
Can you believe that we started taking qualifiers in MARCH for this event? Whoa, there was still snow on the ground! Well, the payoff is finally here! One of our sixty qualifiers is going to win a pool this Saturday morning! (6-23-18) If you were a qualifier be sure to show up at Levesque Pools at t…