A big 'tip of the Moose antlers' to our latest 'Hometown Hero' powered by HS Builders.

Brandon Marcoux

Retired Military


To make a long story short, my brother is the exemplification of a dedicated soldier. He is devoted, passionate, motivated, fiercely loyal and determined to excel at any assignment pitched to him. He received multiple promotions during his ten years of military service including but not limited to: corporal (2004), sergeant (2006), staff sergeant (2008), sergeant first class (2013) and second lieutenant (2013-2014). He also received five Army Achievement Awards and a Bronze Star. Now if you ask me; he wouldn’t need any of these awards to portray him as a hero. What makes him a hero is how he put every single fear aside, physically trained year after year, fought with and through pain, sickness and injuries, witnessed war and death; not for himself but for our country and the freedom it covets. The result of his dedication is a medical discharge with 90% disability. The nature of his injuries is the product of two tours overseas. Now there are days when he is unable to hold or play with his children because of his disabling back pain. Oftentimes he is bedridden until he can regain the strength to bear weight again. He has never given up and embodies the fighting spirit of a true American soldier. I’m not asking for sympathy and feel confident my brother would echo the same sentiment; he loathes pity. I would like him to feel unconditionally appreciated. As family and friends, our support is crucial, but his efforts have far reaching effects to the citizens of the USA, and beyond. For him to know and feel the support of civilians who are forever thankful for everything he has sacrificed, not for self but for country. Honoring him would mean more than any award he’s ever received. I’m so very proud of what he has accomplished, and I am certain others are proud as well. This would provide the perfect opportunity to allow the expression of gratitude towards an individual who put country far ahead of self. It is with immense pride that I can write such incredible things about the man I know as my brother, I would welcome the opportunity to express such on a much larger scale.

Nominated by Meagan Marcoux