I knew this would be happening this year, but it still makes me very sad. Captains Matt and Wendy Morrison from the Augusta Salvation Army are being reassigned. They are headed to Altoona, PA. 

In my 20+ years of working with the Augusta Salvation Army, every time there is a switch, I can’t imagine I will meet people I could ever like as much as I did the current family. Then the new family arrives and I am proven wrong. Somehow the Salvation Army has more wonderful people to care about the Augusta area.  I have learned so much about the needs of the Augusta community and different ways to get things done from each family.

This time the new caretakers of the Augusta Salvation Army will be some faces we already know. The Augusta post soon will be turned over to Salvation Army Majors Karin and David Dickson, currently posted to Waterville, ME and Lt. Erin Smullen of Berlin, N.H.

So to the Matt and Wendy and their two children, Hannah and Cody, I wish you all the best. It has been a pleasure to help you with your work in the Augusta area. You will be missed.  Altoona, PA is lucky to be getting you.

To the new leadership team at the Augusta Salvation Army, welcome!  We are looking forward to a new adventure with you.