Is the job of the "Duck of Justice" ever done? NO. The amazing folks at the Bangor Police Department see it all. The good, the bad, the heroic, the moronic. This week they were forced to put out some guidelines for those that lack common sense

The BDD serves and protects, all with an amazing sense of humor:

There are times in this job when we have to warn people about unsafe behaviors. Some of these behaviors are not specifically and categorically banned or posted. That is because you really cannot plan for every situation and we are always hopeful that common sense will prevail.

Some things that are not banned (but we assume you would not do).
1. Swimming at the water treatment plant.
2. Canoe racing at one of the public swimming pools
3. Firewood collection at the City of Bangor Tree Nursery
4. Used pallet bonfires in front of the Bangor Central Fire Station

This is where it gets real....

Recently, the good folks at the air traffic control tower called the police department to report that someone was flying kites in the approach path of the main runway at Bangor International Airport.

Not a mile back from the runway but directly in front of the approach lights, near Interstate 95 and the Odlin Road.

Sgt. Beaulieu was sent to investigate. It was true. It's all fun and games until the cops show up.

The abnormally breezy day created perfect kite flying conditions and the folks said that at one point, "all the string was out."

This reminds me of TC's Maxim #202010 "The fun of one can ruin the day of many."

I hope your Monday is fantastic. As always we urge you to keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's things alone and be kind to one another.

We will be here


Seems Bangor isn't the only place in the World that has people flying kites near airports.