I Review Red Dead 2
If you're a gamer then you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you're not, then I'm speaking gibberish!
Matt James & Sam The Intern go Ghost Hunting
It's that time of the year again (Halloween) where we start to think about hunting ghosts. I mean, that's completely normal, right? Usually we do this with professional ghost hunter in tow, but not this year. This year Sam and I decided to take matter into our own hands, download some free…
What Words Came Out The Year You Were Born?
Geek out, hoodie, mixed martial arts, props, shout-out, spam, tighty-whities, twentysomething, world wide web. What do these words have in common? These words all made their Merriam-Webster debut in the glorious year of 1990 when yours truly entered the world.
Matt James Reviews ‘The Conners’
I know that ABC booted her and changed the name to 'The Conners'. But, for the sake of continuity, can't we just keep calling the program 'Roseanne'? Crap, I just called it a "program", now I'm really showing my age. Anyway, here's my review from the seas…
Best of MMS: Haunted Alexa
I would say that this is just in time for Halloween, but unfortunately this is not something Amazon has intended for their smart devices. Turns out these bad boys are pretty easy to hack!

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