Bar Harbor’s German Treasure Ship
Considering it is thousands of miles from the battles in Europe, you probably didn't think that Bar Harbor, Maine, had anything to do with World War I.  Wrong!  And, one of the greatest stories of Bar Harbor's involvement in the war features a German cruise ship, rich passengers,…
The Dark Secrets Of Malaga Island, Maine
I am a born and raised Mainer and I have to admit that I have never heard of Malaga Island and the story behind it. The 40-acre island located at the mouth of the New Meadows River is now owned by the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, but this once small fishing community has a dark secret.
This Haunted Maine Lighthouse Holds A Dark And Chilling Secret
Not far off of the coast of the small town of Phippsburgh and Popham Beach, you'll find a small island housing one of Maine's most historic lighthouses. The Seguin Island Light Station is rich in history, including being Maine's tallest lighthouse as well as being it's second old…

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