Like something out of that show Zoo, the animals seem to be getting smarter.  Well, the deer at least.  Last week, it was the group of deer that went barreling through the college cross country track meet.  Now, it's a deer playing possum (playing dead) after being hit in Wisconsin.

A guy in WI called police after he hit and (he thought) killed a deer.  He loaded the animal into the back of his car and waited for the cops.  But, when the cops showed up, the deer got up, hopped out of the guy's trunk, and wandered into the woods.

Check out the video:

Actually, it is almost 18 years to the day that I hit a deer on the '95.  I was driving from college in Bangor back to Houlton on a Friday night.  Fortunately for me, the deer I hit was small (I thought it was a dog at first).  Not everyone is that luck.  If you are traveling for Thanksgiving, please be safe.