OH this sounds fun! Greater Androscoggin Humane Society ASPCA Mega Match-a-thon starts Friday Oct 18 to Sunday Oct 20. It is a HUGE adoption even for the animals looking for their forever homes.  Greater Androscoggin Humane Society and 38 other organizations across the country are taking part in this adoption event. Their goal is to adopt 200 or more animals in those three days. That is about 67 animals a day! They have a bunch of kittens will arriving back in the shelter from foster care just in time for the event.

If saving a life and adopting a loving shelter pet is not enough.  Adoption is an affordable way to being a pet into your life.  Check out the list below of the adoption fees for this even. It gets even better for you and your new fur baby. The Greater Androscoggin Humane Society ASPCA Mega Match-a-thon will send you pet home with all set and ready to go.  All pets will not only be spayed or neutered, micro-chipped and up to date on vaccinations before going to their new home, they will leave the shelter sporting a new collar, leash and personalized ID tag courtesy of ASPCA. All of that can add up, so it saves you a fortune!

Special Adoption Fees will be as follows:

Cats over 6 months: Fee Waived
Kittens 8 weeks-6 months: $100 ($30 off!)
Dogs over 1 year: Fee Waived
Dogs 6 months-1 year: $100 ($80 off!)
Puppies 8 weeks-6 months: $300
VIP Dogs (highly adoptable dogs): $229-$399
Pocket Pets: Fee Waived

So, if you are really ready to accept the responsibility and become a pet owner, this weekend might be your weekend to make it happen. Even if you are not ready there are lots of ways to help support your local shelters. Donations of good, time and money will always help. Being a foster family for a pet for a short term needs and be aware of the important work our humane societies are doing in communities around Maine all help the shelters and their workers and volunteers do their needed jobs.