If you're planning on partying Saturday night, you might wanna' give these hangover cures a try on Sunday morning (or, more likely, Sunday afternoon).

Check out these international hangover cures from Bravo

Japanese Golden Milk - The Japanese believe turmeric aides the liver, so they make Golden Milk.  It is a tea swirled with turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, honey, and milk

Russian Saunas - In Russia, they skip eating or drinking specific things and attempt to "sweat out" the hangover

Korean Ginger-Ade - To recover from their soju hangovers, the Koreans drink Ginger-Ade...  Basically, lemonade or limeade made with a lot of ginger.

Canadian Poutine - Nothing helps soak up the alcohol more than grease, so the Canadians turn to their favorite fries / gravy / cheese snack.

Croatian Burek - A flaky pastry of meat and cheese loaded with lipids

Thai Pad Kee Mao - If you like Thai food, there's a good chance you eat this anyway.  In the US we usually call this noodle / chicken / vegetable dish "drunken noodles".  Not sure about using it as a hangover cure, but it is one of my favorite Thai dishes.

Whatever you end up doing for New Years Eve, please be safe...  Drink responsibly and designate a driver.

Happy 2017!