What would you do with if someone handed you $10,000? Well, coincidentally, this very radio station is giving away that very sum. That is a nice chunk of change, and it got us thinking, how would you spend it?

Sure, you could put it into the bank, but that's no fun! So, with a little help from the website Dude!!! I Want That..., we went and found a bunch of fun things (some of them are even useful!) you could buy with some of that $10,000 (and there's even some left over to throw into the bank)!









1) Custom Made Lightsabers: Designed by Philip Isherwood and available here, these run anywhere from $129-$500 (since we're playing with found money, we went with the $500 model). While Isherwood says they are not based on "Star Wars" lightsabers, they are still pretty cool. Get a pair, so you can have a mock duel with a friend.



Helmet Dawg








2) Batman Motorcycle Helmet:
$325, available at helmetdawg.com. Live out tose Dark Knight fantasies with this DOT-approved motorcycle helmet!









3) The WaterMat, $799, available at Amazon. A malleable, 1-1/4"-thick piece of 2-ply construction, the WaterMat rolls for easy transport and storage, and then unrolls to flat and floatable for everything from lounging in the sun with friends to doing handstands and back flips on water, and holds up to 1,200 pounds!









4) Programmable Tattoo System, $149.99 from ThinkGeek.com, Want a tattoo, but don't want needles? This system uses a proprietary E Ink programmable tattoo that can be changed at will!









5) Homemade Bacon Kit, $16.99 available at BaconKit.com. Make your own bacon...need we say more????









6) Batman Car Seat, $149, from KidsEmbrace.com. Because who would keep your kid safer than the Dark Knight himself???

UD Replicas








7) The Dark Knight Rises Motorcycle Suit, $1,545 from UD Replicas. OK, so we've got a bit of a Batman theme going here, but what can we say, the Dark Knight is cool!









8) Working Nintendo Controller Coffee Table, $3,700 from Esty.com. This maple table is a fully-functional controller and can be used to play games with the glass removed.









9) Giant Swiss Army Knife, $1,392 from Amazon.com. While not exactly pocket-friendly, this multi-tool has 87 implements for just about anything you would need!

The Noble Collection








10) Batman Chess Set, $795 from the Noble Collection. Last Batman item, we promise. But this Gotham-inspired chessboard would go so well with your new motorcycle helmet and riding suit!









11) Life-Size Yoda in Carbonite, $195 from Esty.com. Sure, it was Han Solo who got the deep freeze treatment, but want this, you do!

The good news is that even with all of that shopping, you still have around $700 of the $10,000 to use to help store all of your new stuff! Or you can just put it into the bank, it's up to you!

How would you spend the $10,000, enter your list in the comments below

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