We talked about this a while a go on the Moose Morning Show but now there are more details about how it's done. Making coffee from elephant poop, that is....

A businessman from Canada has revealed how he makes his $500 a pound coffee.  It actually makes sense!

Entrepreneur Blake Dinkin says the coffee is made from beans that are first fed to the elephants, go through the whole digestive system and then make their exit.  Beans are then plucked from the poop by, errrrr, poop pluckers. Dinkin says the elephant's stomach acid breaks down the protein found in coffee, which is a key factor in bitterness, which makes for a smooth cup of joe without the bitterness.  But $500 a pound?  That would make the comparable cost of 12 K-cups about a thousand bucks!

By the way, these captive elephants in Thailand live at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation and, from what researchers can tell, this process does not harm the animals. Moreover, 8% of the profits go to the foundation to provide health care to the pachyderms.

No word on whether or not Blake will open his own coffee shop and call it, "Dinkin Donuts." I couldn't resist.