Okay, I've been having this discussion with Mac and Renee for years. White lights don't do it for me at Christmas. I want colors, lots of them, adorning the trees and streets. Otherwise, as far as I'm concerned, they're little more than tiny versions of the white lights we have all around us, like street lights.

In the whole scheme of things, this is such minutia that I probably shouldn't dedicate the time it's taking to write this, but I remember as a kid nothing but colored lights this time of year....adorning lamp posts on main streets in every local municipality. I remember in Gardiner when pretty lights were strung across Water Street for its entire length.

When did it all go white and, in my opinion once again, bland?  Am I way off base and petty here or do you agree?  I'd just LOVE to know so, if I do decide to 'fight city hall,' I'll have some ammunition to fight with or I'll know that it's just not worth the trouble.  Thanks ahead of time.