For the last several years I've been invited by Irene Fortier, who runs the Carrabec Community School After Shcool Program, to come talk to the kids about radio broadcasting and to speak with them in a sort of "motivational" manner.

Of course, the kids (3rd through 5th graders) had a lot of questions about radio, songs, artists and the like. Once we got the questions out of the way we had a little give and take session about life and how to live it.

We talked on a bunch of topics:Good attitudes versus bad ones, role models and being role models and even how important it is to be a good friend. These kids had great answers for everything I threw out. They "get it." I don't remember being that precocious at their age.

Great program, Irene, Mrs. LeBeau, Mr. Weggler and Carrabec Community School. Thanks for having me!