Barn cats are the best.  This is your chance to open your barn, green house, farm buildings or even warehouse to a cat.  What a great way to to help a cat and get a lot in return. Kennebec Valley Humane Society Barn Buddies Program! 

You have the cats (they come in pairs) a shelter, food, water and some vet care what you will get in return are cats that are adults, nutured, healthy and willing to help keep other critters away from your barn or buildings.  There are no chemical or poisons for kids or other pets to get into. You also get the warm fuzzy feeling of giving the cats a nice home.

Lets face it not every cat wants to curl up on your lap, but that does not mean they don't have something to offer. According to the Kennebec Valley Humane Society the cats are either found as strays and may be too independent to appreciate living in a house or they are just shy/fearful of people and prefer the company of other cats and animals. 

Don't worry, no house cats or kittens are placed in this program. KVHS will even make sure the pair like each other and have some time to bond.

Sounds good to you?  Contact the Kennebec Valley Humane Society for more information/information and see how a pair of cats that might not be the perfect house cats can be a HUGE benefit to your homestead.