Democratic lawmakers disagree with the facts behind Republican Governor Paul LePage's most recent call for a special session, but leaders in both parties say they'll meet with him to discuss his funding concerns.

A special session would cost $43,000 on the first day and $37,900 a day thereafter.
Republican Senate President Michael Thibodeau, of Waldo, and Democratic House Speaker Mark Eves, of North Berwick, say they're willing to meet with LePage.

In a letter to Thibodeau and Eves released Friday, LePage claims there's no funding for a $75,000 needle exchange program and an up-to-$100,000 ambulance study. LePage said he disagreed with funding sources for raises at state mental health institutions and also $2.5 million in county jail funding.

Eves said LePage can't constitutionally call a special session over such disagreements. (AP)