Governor Paul LePage has introduced a new bill (LD 1653) that would increase certain law enforcement position salaries by an average of 12-18 percent. There is already not enough interest in the State Police with over 30 positions that still need to be filled and over 20 State Police officers that are eligible for retirement this year. Other New England states average $6 to $14 more than Maine in their Law Enforcement salaries and LePage thinks it's about time we catch up to that average.

In my own personal opinion I certainly side with the Governor on this issue and believe that, especially with all the recent drug activity, our officers of the law should be properly compensated for risking their lives. They voluntarily put their lives on the line every day, something few of us would ever choose to do. I say let's raise their pay and show we as a community and a state support and recognize their efforts to continuously go above and beyond.

What do you think of the proposed legislation?